Why You Need a Professional Roof Inspection

Roof Inspections For New home construction – Really Necessary

Metaphorically “A Roof over the Head” means having a shelter. Roofs are integral parts of any building that protects the structure from the attacks of nature including scorching sun, torrential rainfall. Since the roof is a part that gets affected by rain, sleet, snow directly, it tends to wear out easily resulting in water seeping into the house during heavy rain. Therefore, constant inspection is vital to maintain them properly.

Do you need a roof inspection?

Obviously, damages to the roof will have a substantial effect on other parts of the structure. For example, leaks, pest infestation in the roof will damage the walls and down the wall into the foundation resulting in costly repairs. So, it is imperative to have periodic roof inspections to prevent damage to the structure.

  • Even a small amount of water leakage for a significant amount of time can lead to trapped moisture in the ceiling area. This can turn to be a breeding place for bacteria and mold resulting in health risks to you and your family. A roof repair company can fix them easily and you can avoid them easily.
  • Prevention is always better than cure! It is a smart move to stop a problem before it occurs. Professional roofing contractors help you to fix any potential threat that can damage your entire structure and thereby protect your walls as well.
  • Apart from preventing problems, roof inspections help to fix them too. An experienced professional roofing contractor can target the exact source of the problem. Instead of doing patching work, they will target to prevent recurring of the same.
  • All of the above, a roof inspection can ensure your safe life in a safe structure.
  • ven in heavy rainfall, without pondering you can nestle in your cozy home.

Is it necessary to have a roof inspection for a new home?

Many people tend to harbor a misconception that a new home is a solid home. However, just because a home is fitted with the latest technology, it doesn’t mean it is devoid of any problem. In order to avoid house-related problems immediately after the purchase, one should have a home inspection report conducted by a professional.

  • The roof is one of the areas that tend to lack expected quality. Damaged shingles, ridge vents, non-recommended spacing between the roof and the siding, torn rubber boot flashings are some of the common findings. Having the home inspected by a contractor can be the best option to fix these problems. An experienced professional roofing contractor only can ensure whether the home being purchased is of the quality and condition expected in a new home.
  • The condition of the roof affects insurance policy and its premiums, coverage, and deductibles. Knowing the exact condition of the roof is the only way to avoid such disadvantages.
  • A thorough inspection by a certified professional can help the new owner avoid unforeseen home improvement expenses.
  • The key benefit of having a roof inspection for a new home is that these problems can be identified before purchasing the home.

Why do you need a professional roofing contractor?

Although fixing the problems on their own can be a quick and cost-effective means, it is not the best long-term solution. Only an experienced roofing contractor can provide a guarantee that there are no major issues with your roof. Trusting all roofing needs like inspection, roof repairs to a commercial roofing contractor is the appropriate solution to maintain the building efficiently.

What to look for when choosing a roofing contractor?

A good roofing contractor is one who can provide an exact description precisely of his inspection.

  • Go for a contractor of a commercial roofing company. An experienced and reputable roofing inspecting company will have experience with all types of residential and commercial roofing. In addition to inspection, they can also offer roof repairs. It is wise to hire such a company to save bucks.
  • Ensure the contractor is a licensed, insured professional roofing contractor. Hire one who has an insurance certificate for any damage to my property and well as worker’s compensation.
  • Enquire whether the roofing contractor will handle the work alone or with subcontractors. If they opt for subcontractors, ensure they have the proper license and insurance.
  • Ask for a free roof estimate or consultation. It will give you an idea about the charges and the time taken in the inspection.
  • Hire one who is a member of a local or national roofing association. Alliances with various associations like FRA, CFC ensure that the company is credible enough to serve you. This ensures the authenticity and workmanship of the company.
  • Get to know the time taken to complete the work. Roofing company Toronto services can do the roofing in one day.
  • Another important aspect when looking for roofing contractors is whether they are covered under WSIB and carry certification for workplace safety standards.
  • The contractor must be licensed and recognized by legal authorities.
  • Look for ISO certification that ensures the quality of their service.
Overall, if you want to avoid spending a hefty amount from your hand even before the ink is dry on the contract, you must have a roof inspection for newly constructed homes too. It saves you from near future roof repairs. What is more, is that it offers reasonable coverage on your homeowner insurance policy too.