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Quite a few customers wonder just how a wood based floor could be both durable and comfortable at the very same time. Cork is harvested by removing a layer of bark from the cork oak tree. This permits the cork oak to thrive and regenerate while rarely being cut down. Well, you can thank cork material's cellular structure. This is with the cellular building of cork.

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Moreover, since each cork oak tree is able to live to be over 2 hundred years old, cork is an inexhaustible resource, making it an outstanding choice for environmentally conscious customers. Very high heels as well as major work boots are actually among the greatest culprits for harming cork flooring. This framework resembles honeycomb shaped cells which have a gaseous material inside of them.

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This same cellular structure additionally makes cork a great insulator and it is keep your home warm on strong winter nights. What's this amazing ingenuity which makes up the look of a flooring comprised of cork? Cork floors and tiles are cozy under your feet particularly in winter and do not make a noise once you walk on them. Cork is not just in the position to process noise but cork flooring provides warmth to each room.


And so, not just do you get an eco-friendly flooring material you don't have to worry about any additional toxic chemicals that may affect your health. I advocate that you research different manufacturers of cork floating floor methods to find which out could be right for the home of yours. Cork definitely rivals every other form of hardwood flooring in terminology of beauty.

APC Cork Flooring

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