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Many hardwoods darken and become bolder over time, but several woods as Santos Mahogany essentially achieve lighter from sunlight. The elegance, versatility and organic beauty of wood flooring makes it the most popular selections for modern home owners and with great reason! Along with the visual trends, wood flooring reduces allergens, dust and other debris connected with carpeting without the "cold" feel of tile.

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The advantages of having your wood floor oiled is the fact that it will keep for longer and will also slow down the aging process so you're free to keep the colour you originally bought. Engineered wood flooring is made to be stable, and solid wood floors can simply not participate in this arena. Another advantage is the fact that the factory finishes are often a lot tougher than the polyurethane used in the field.

The Basics of Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring

Careful selection will ensure that your money is well invested and you will enjoy the beauty of a genuine wood floor in the home of yours for a long time. If you need a household that is stunning, if you want a house that stops folks in the tracks of theirs when they walk in, then you need to put down unusual hardwood flooring.

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Cherry Wood Flooring Texture: A Guide to the Luxurious Look

Cherry wood flooring is one of the most luxurious, timeless and beautiful flooring options available. The rich, deep hues of cherry wood bring a sense of sophistication and elegance to any room. The texture of cherry wood flooring adds a unique dimension to the look and feel of the room. In this guide, we will explore the various textures available in cherry wood flooring and how they can enhance your decor.

Subtle Textures for a Natural Look

Cherry wood flooring is known for its subtle textures that give the wood a natural look. The grain of cherry wood is usually fine and tight, which gives it a smooth and even finish. This makes it ideal for creating a natural look in any room. The tight grain also helps to create subtle ripples and waves in the surface that add depth and character to the floor. It also helps to highlight the different shades of red in the wood, giving it an overall warmer tone.

Brushed Textures for Added Character

Brushed textures are another way to add character to your cherry wood flooring. This type of texture is created by brushing the surface of the wood with a wire brush. This process reveals more of the wood’s grain pattern, which adds visual interest to the floor. Brushed textures also help to highlight any knots or other irregularities that may be present in the wood, giving it added character.

Hand-Scraped Textures for an Antique Look

Hand-scraped textures are perfect for achieving an antique look in your home. This type of texture is created by lightly scraping or sanding down sections of the wood’s surface with an abrasive tool such as a sharp chisel or scraper. This process brings out more of the grain pattern, creating a rustic look that adds charm and character to any room. Hand-scraped textures are especially popular in traditional homes where they can help create an old-world feel.

Smooth Textures for a Sleek Look

Smooth textures are great for achieving a sleek and modern look in your home. These types of textures are created by sanding down sections of the wood’s surface until it has a smooth finish. This helps to create an overall polished look that will easily fit into contemporary designs without having too much contrast with other elements in the room. Smooth textures also help to give any room a luxurious feel that will last for years to come.

FAQs on Cherry Wood Flooring Texture

Q1: Can I mix different types of cherry wood flooring textures?

A1: Yes! Mixing different types of cherrywood flooring textures can create an interesting juxtaposition between traditional and contemporary looks, or between rustic and modern designs. As long as you stick with colors within similar tones, you can mix different types of textures together without creating too much contrast or clashing styles in your home.

Q2: Is cherry wood flooring durable?

A2: Yes! Cherrywood is known for its strength and durability, making it an excellent option for high traffic areas like Hallways and entryways. Its tight grain patterns also provide a natural resistance to staining and wear, making it an ideal choice for homes with pets or children.

What type of finish is best for cherry wood flooring?

The best type of finish for cherry wood flooring is a hard wax oil, which gives the wood a natural, bright finish that will last for years. This type of finish also helps to protect the wood from scratches and scuffs, while enhancing the beauty of its natural grain.

What are the pros and cons of a matte finish on cherry wood flooring?


-Matte finishes on cherry wood flooring offer a warm, inviting look to any space.

-Matte finishes help hide minor imperfections and scratches more easily than other finishes.

-They are easier to maintain than other finishes as they require less frequent polishing and buffing.


-A matte finish can be more prone to dirt and dust buildup over time.

-It may be harder to clean as it can be difficult to remove dirt and debris from the surface.

-The finish is not as durable as a gloss or semi-gloss finish, so it may need to be refinished more often.

What type of maintenance is required for a matte finish on cherry wood flooring?

For a matte finish on cherry wood flooring, regular sweeping and damp mopping with a gentle cleaner is recommended. It is also important to avoid excessive water and harsh cleaning products when cleaning the floor, as these can damage the finish. Additionally, a wax or oil may need to be applied every six months to help protect the floor and keep it looking its best.

What type of cleaning products can be used on a matte finish cherry wood floor?

It is best to use cleaning products specifically designed for hardwood floors. Products should be non-abrasive and free of wax, oil, or silicone. Avoid using harsh detergents, ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or abrasive cleaners as they may damage the floor’s finish. A pH neutral cleaner is also recommended as it will not strip away the protective coating from the flooring.